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Eagle Creek is a neighborhood located in East Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  The neighborhood encompasses 680 homes and two interior parks.  There is retail shopping and restaurants conveniently located within several miles There are also two community centers with public parks and pools nearby.
The Broken Arrow school district is exemplary and has great programs to help educate your children.
Eagle Creek has a mandatory homeowners association.  This helps create and maintain the highest level of excellence where you live.
The neighborhood is located on the Northeast quadrant of the intersection of 51st Street and 193rd East Avenue.  Here is a map of Eagle Creek
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Upcoming Events
2024 Eagle Creek HOA Board Member Election- TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 26th, 2023
Tuesday, September 26th, 7pm at Broken Arrow Central Park Community Center located at 1500 S Main St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012
Positions resigning: TREASURER
If we do not have a homeowner volunteer for TREASURER we will have to pay to have the position filled. This will increase dues.
If you are interested in running for ANY position, please contact our President @ eaglecreekpres@gmail.com
We hope to see you all at the meeting!!
Saturday, October 14th at Eagle Creek Neighborhood
The rain out date will be the following Saturday, October 21st!
Happy Selling, Y'all!

Broken Arrow Non-emergency Line # 918-259-8400

Posted on Sep 7th, 2023
This is a volunteer board and we all work full time jobs and have families. We appreciate your patience! Thank you!
City of Broken Arrow Storm Updates
Posted on Jun 20th, 2023
Posted on Jun 5th, 2023
Congratulations to CONNIE CLARK 4608 S. 198th E Ave 
She is our July YOTM WINNER!!!
Yard Maintenance
Posted on Jun 15th, 2022
We have received an abundance of complaints on yards. Let's all work together to keep our neighborhood beautiful by keeping up with our own yard! Here are what the city has defined as violations:
Chapter 15 - Nuisances
(c) (14) Rank or noxious weeds or grass, carcasses, accumulations of manure, refuse or similar hazards, which are or are likely to be breeding places for flies, mosquitoes, rodents, vermin or disease germs; and the premises on which such exist.
(c) (26) Weeds including, but not limited to, poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac, and all vegetation at any state of maturity which exceeds a height of 12 inches, except healthy trees, shrubs or produce for human consumption when grown in a tended and cultivated garden, unless such trees, shrubbery or produce by their density or location constitute a detriment to the health, safety or welfare of the public, or creates a fire or traffic hazard, or harbors, conceals or invites deposits or accumulations of trash, or harbors or invites rodents or vermin, or is dead or diseased. 
2022 Sign Resolution
Posted on Jun 1st, 2022
Keeping Our Neighborhood Safe
Posted on Nov 11th, 2021
Hi Neighbors! BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR CAR DOORS LOCKED. We have had quite a few cars that have been ransacked recently. Let's keep them out by keeping our doors locked!!
Non-Solicitation Ordinance
Posted on Oct 21st, 2021
Shortly after the City Council elections the HOA Board of Directors learned that the neighborhood solicitation ordinances were under review and would not be enforced until the review was completed. The HOA asked to be notified related to the results of the review.  We were notified by a homeowner that a new process was now in place. On Monday October 18th, 2021 the Eagle Creek HOA was the first HOA to present a form and affidavit in compliance with the new non-solicitation ordinance. This new ordinance requires that there be a named representative of the HOA to testify if needed in the case of litigation where a solicitor feels they have the right to market a neighborhood. The Eagle Creek Homeowners Association representative is President Terry Stover. Homeowners are encouraged to contact the non-emergency Police Department number 918-259-8400 anytime they are solicited and provide them with information. We leave it up to the homeowner’s discretion to inform the solicitor that police are being notified.
It's quickly becoming that time of year when peddlers will begin knocking on doors trying to sell you something.
The City of Broken Arrow has an ordinance that restricts this type of activity, but it can only be enforced if you have a No Soliciting sign posted on your property or if your Homeowners Association is currently registered as a No Solicitation neighborhood.
Posted on Oct 15th, 2021
We have had a few concerns and questions brought to us regarding trash pick up...
City of Broken Arrow & Baker Trash are the only licensed trash services in our neighborhood to our knowledge. 
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Posted on Mar 23rd, 2021
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