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Eagle Creek is a neighborhood located in East Broken Arrow.  The neighborhood encompasses 680 homes and two interior parks.  There is retail shopping and restaurants conveniently located within several miles There are also two community centers with public parks and pools nearby.
The Broken Arrow school district is exemplary and has great programs to help educate your children.
Eagle Creek has a mandatory homeowners association.  This helps create and maintain the highest level of excellence where you live.
The neighborhood is located on the Northeast quadrant of the intersection of 51st Street and 193rd East Avenue.  Here is a map of Eagle Creek
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Upcoming Events
Sunday, September 1st to Wednesday, September 25th, Tuesday September 24th at 7:00pm at Nienhuis Park Center Meeting Room
The 2019 Eagle Creek Homeowners Association Annual Meeting & Board Election has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at the Nienhuis Park Center meeting room and will begin at 7:00pm, with check in from 6:30 to 6:55pm.
*** All attendees must wear tennis shoes/sneakers/soft-soled shoes to the meeting room because it doubles as their gym***
The 2019 proxy ballot and instructions have been posted to the HOA website (www.eaglecreekhoa.com).  These documents can be printed or downloaded from the webpage.  If you are unable to attend our meeting at Nienhuis, please consider completing and submitting a proxy ballot to give yourself a voice in our HOA.
We would also like to encourage all homeowners in good standing that would like to run for a Board position, to please contact ECHOA Member at Large, Cory Treece eaglecreekhoa@gmail.com with their name, address and the Board position they are considering.  As soon as we hear from you, we will add your name to both the proxy and the election night ballot.  So, the sooner the better to get your name in print for others to consider your candidacy.  You may also announce your candidacy at the Annual Meeting.
***We are looking for volunteers to serve on a 3-person election committee.  Responsibilities would include verifying the correctness of the ballot, verifying signatures (by phone) of proxy ballots, and. of course, counting the votes.  The volunteers must be homeowners in good standing and unrelated to any members running for election to the Board.  This volunteer committee would ‘start work’ the week prior to the Annual Meeting with any proxy ballots received and close by counting the votes on the night of the election.  Please contact Pat Higgins, eaglecreekpres@gmail.com to volunteer.
We sincerely hope you can attend the Annual Meeting & Election – this neighborhood belongs to all of us!

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